Review Policy

The theme of my blog is based around multiculturalism, which means I am primarily interested in reviewing books featuring main characters and settings from diverse cultures. I focus on children’s and young adult literature for ages 0-18. However, I am open to reviewing adult titles with possible appeal for teens.

I will not be reviewing self-published materials at this time.

I strive to honest in my reviews and share critical analyses about multicultural elements in all the books I read. It’s not my goal to tell people what they should/shouldn’t read. Rather, I am interested in creating a resource for people to discover books that highlight diversity in children’s and young adult literature. I am passionate about raising the visibility of books promoting multicultural awareness and understanding. I am guided by this principle: It’s important for a child and/or teen to pick up a book in which they see themselves.

I welcome books for review, including ARCS and/or finished copies. I am also comfortable with digital galleys (I use NetGalley, Kindle format). And of course, I regularly use my local library for many of the books reviewed on this blog. 🙂

If I accept your book, it will be be featured on my blog. However, I am juggling work, ALA committee responsibilities, and of course, the most important job I have: MOM. Thus, reviews are likely to go up 1-2 months after I receive your book (if not sooner).


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